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Alfa 500 – Armoire – 2 modules – 800mm – LTD

Les armoires de la série Alfa 500 sont les armoires les plus solides et les plus stables de République tchèque, qui sont garanties par une solution technique de qualité: un système d’étagères fixes, un dos visible en 8 mm LTD dans une rainure fraisée.

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The Alfa 500 series of cabinets are the strongest and most stable cabinets in the Czech Republic, which are guaranteed by a quality technical solution: a system of fixed shelves, a visible back made of 8 mm LTD in a milled groove. The Alfa variable storage system with a very functional design has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for equipping reference workplaces, management offices, meeting rooms, etc. It offers endless possibilities of solutions.

Strength and stability is guaranteed by a quality technical solution. Wooden shelves are fixed with metal pins, preventing their unwanted extension. The cabinets are highly resistant to mechanical damage and the LTD resistance to excessive moisture is increased. Height locking – to compensate for uneven floors – using locking screws located in the bottom of the body. The furniture meets the requirements of EU standards and is granted the trademark “Environmentally friendly product”.

Technical details Alfa 500

  • The bodies are made of laminated chipboard 18 mm thick with an ABS edge of 1 mm.
  • The back of the cabinets consists of laminated chipboard with a thickness of 8 mm.
  • The wooden shelf is fastened with metal pins, which prevent it from being pushed out unintentionally.
  • Office cabinets are highly resistant to mechanical damage and have increased resistance to excessive moisture.
  • Made of high quality laminated chipboard.

About the manufacturer

Our production plant Interiér Říčany a. S. Is a proven Czech manufacturer of office, accommodation and nursing furniture. It has been successfully operating on our market since 1978 and has long been one of the leaders in the middle and lower segment of the office furniture market. The Alfa series is the best-selling and most used furniture in the Czech Republic.

Since February 2010, this Czech company has been part of the Dutch Royal Ahrend NV group, which is one of the five largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe. The benefit of this connection with a large international group is primarily international know-how, significantly greater guarantees and warranties.

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